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Which Hot Tub? - a Buyers Guide

When browsing the market for a small hot tub, the range of choice can sometimes be overwhelming. In addition to the varied selection of models on offer, trying to figure out which features you need and don’t need can also be cause for a headache. Our hot tub guide is designed to help small hot tub shoppers find the ideal hot tub to suit their specific desires and needs.
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Guide to Hot Tub Features and Extras

Some hot tubs come packed with an array of additional features (yes, even the small ones!). However, extras cost money, and you could unknowingly be paying extra cash for featgures you don’t want or need. At combined shipping, you will find many of our ‘hot tub extras’ are not included in the base price and can be added on if you desire. This way you are only paying for what you want.

Entertainment Features


Waterfalls are exciting hot tub features that can enhance your spa experience. Waterfalls can however reduce the temperature of your tub’s water, resulting in higher running costs.


• Creates a fun and exciting display
• Perfect when entertaining guests
• Kids and teens love this feature
• Produces therapeutic sound and visuals
• Adds luxury to your hot tub experience


• Can reduce temperature of hot tub water

LED lighting

LED lights are features included with most luxury hot tubs.


• Enhances hot tub experience
• Can help to create a lively, fun atmosphere or an equally relaxing atmosphere
• Ideal for use in winter or after dark


• None!

Bluetooth Speakers


Many luxury hot tubs come equipped with speakers. These speakers are usually connected to a phone/tablet via Bluetooth. Speakers can either be pop up or built into the hot tubs cabinet.
• Great when used in conjunction with outdoor projectors or tv screens
• Perfect for parties
• Ideal for romantic evenings


• Can increase price of hot tub
• Can be unnecessary for those that prefer to use hot tub without music/audio
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